No matter how busy our day, nature eventually calls. What do you see on the back of your bathroom door at work? Boring blue paint? Tired old signs?

Bathrooms are the place that employees or parents often retreat for a moment’s peace – to breathe, get perspective, re-set.

Sometimes a person’s eyes might be filled with tears there, or hearts pounding with anxiety and overwhelm.

What if the back of the bathroom door was a beautiful surprise – an image that inspires hope or joy or a sense of perspective.

I’m going to have some fun over the next few weeks, ordering some art stickers and popping them up in cubicles at work.

I’m ordering a selection from RedBubble. Their stickers are described as fully removable, and designed for walls. So could be perfect for some random acts of inspiration!

Here goes. I’ve ordered half a dozen to get a discount, so I can stick a new pic up every few days across a few different floors and cubicles.  This feels fun already!

To track the adventure, I’ll post updates on the FaceBook page.

I’ve really enjoyed Danielle LaPorte’s approach of setting my goals around how I want to feel … so, I’m choosing art that looks like it might ignites some delicious “core desired feelings”.

Meanwhile, in my own art play, I intend to be journalling away for the sheer joy of it. I’ve been enjoying the free 10 day course on Connie, like other art journalists, recommends sharing work. I notice I want to, so I’m thinking I’ll pop some pictures up here and see if that feels soothing and delightful to offer glimpses from my own heart to others.

The feature picture for this post is a surprise art journal moment that emerged a couple of Sunday mornings ago.

I woke up feeling anxious. Yellow paint called me, and I meditated on being able to breathe into a place of deep safety inside myself whenever and wherever I am.

The buttery warmth that emerged filled me with delight, and the splash of red (Inktensive pigment on sandpaper) was a decisive finish.

Ahhh, the amazing freedom and wonder of bold colour and patterns pouring out onto the page.

I want to savour the self-acceptance I experience through art journalling – a source of self-trust, adventure and contentment. So I am a little nervous that sharing pics might change that dynamic.

At the same time, in deciding to share my own visual expression, there’s curiousity and relief – something along the lines of Elizabeth Gilbert’s saying about writers and readers. I just went googling to show you the quote I had in mind, and burst out laughing about this one instead:


Yay, permission granted to create and share and trust others with their own journey.

I want to offer myself this: if creating and sharing my marks on a page feels rich and satisfying for me, go ahead.

Any strong feelings or opinions that may arise in other people are their own precious gift. May they receive their own heart’s invitation to explore and express their own juicy inner world through marks on a page or movements in a dance or notes for a song.

I’m off to play again now …