This video is from an early morning wander through the Botanical Gardens in Melbourne today.

I set out with crayons in my backpack. I wanted to sit in the sunshine and draw.

But my arms were chilly if I paused for long. Cold wind blew through the sleeves of my jacket. Sadly, I thought I’d give up.

Then I came upon this little bird watch, shown in the video above. Art play bliss.

As I drew the first picture in response to the view through the little window, I noticed how many different bird calls were filling the air.

Remembering Connie’s tip from day 8 of her art journal wisdom series, I decided to stay a little longer and play with flow. For about 3 minutes, everytime I heard a bird call, I made a mark on the page in response. An unplanned adventure in flow and mindfulness? Fun and freeing anyway.

This next video includes the sound of the birds surrounding the pic  …