A side effect of doing less laundry and making more art has been enjoying more of my kids and my cats.

When I lay on my bed after dinner with a box of crayons, one or more of the teenagers and cats in our home tends to join me for a while.

I get to hear a little of what’s on the mind of the teenagers, and I find laughter or listening come more easily to me when I’m doodling away.

Our biggest cat, Joy, likes to make her need for play or affection or food very clear.


Here in this video below, it’s play. Hey! That’s one of my fave gel pens!

And here in this photo below, she decided to get her paws right into my play in progress over the weekend …

If the paint is wet, she does look a bit puzzled by the strange liquid on her claws.

But so far, she’s undeterred from leaping in again next time!