The busier my coming day, the more nourishing it felt to let something visual flow out to the wider world. 

I think that’s about the freedom to start my day with a zing of empowerment, self-expression and delight. 

Sharing raw art from my heart seems to give me greater capacity for the rest of the day to choose when to speak and when to stay silent. 

Working visually, intuitively – in response to nothing but my own present body experience, heart and eye — reminds me to use less words. And I want that. For connection. For effectiveness. So that more people enjoy working with me – which means we can combine our energies into creating a wiser, gentler, open-hearted world – one decision at a time.

There were many layers to this piece. There is glued-on wall paper, oil pastels, paint, scraping, more paint, more crayons. 

I’m content. This is sufficient to share from one heart, to inspire another.

Intention and intuition speaks volumes.

Thank you crayons, paint, fingers, courage, persistence & playfulness for showing me that today. 

Is your heart beating a little faster too, wanting to see what marks will flow out onto your own blank page?  Art from your heart, waiting to fill you up.