Thanks to one of my sisters, I found my way to Connie Solera’s free 10 day series: Art Journal Wisdom at Dirty Footprints Studio*.

Here’s a walk-through of my first “completed” journal! It’s a celebration: completing every one of its pages, sharing its unfiltered state, accepting what was, noticing what has come and gone, savouring what has flowed out. 

I hope this flip-through inspires you to play around with paint, pencils, scissors, crayons, glue … Whatever you have to hand! … to enjoy the unexpected safety and delight of being truly and utterly you.

I love the idea of being in a world where people make and share the art of their hearts. No-one else can express the art that’s flowing through you. Your true art won’t look like anyone else’s and it simply is what it is. 

I’ve certainly felt happier, lighter and more at ease with myself and others – in all moods! – through art journalling. I’m keen to learn more and keep playing.

To get an idea of the layers involved, here are some of the base layers that were on each page. I used various mediums including crayon, soft pastels, Derwent Inktense, writing, torn out sheets from notebooks etc and then used a sponge or brush to apply gel medium. Once all the base pages were ready, I’d then just pick whatever page “called” to me on a particular day to start painting. Creating the base pages was very freeing because I knew I’d be covering them over. Sometimes that was hard to do. I really liked these red leaves for example, made with soft pastels and gel medium sponged over the top.

Thanks for celebrating with me by checking out the video. If you’ve shared a walktthrough of your own journals, I’d love to see them. Feel free to comment and link to your walk-through video.

Thanks again to my sister who lit me up by saying she needs to create everyday as surely as she needs to breathe. And thanks to Connie at dirtyfootprints-studio.com for opening up your passion for making art from the heart. I love how Connie inspires others to dive in and discover what wisdom and is waiting in their own visual playground. 

*Are you curious about that back story? How did a conversation with my sister lead to this art journal journey? 

1. My sister told me how much she’d enjoyed Malini Parker’s workshop, and encouraged me to go to one in Melbourne. 

2. As I was signing up, I noticed Malini is a teacher in one of Connie Solera’s 21 Secrets packages.

3. While I’m waiting for Malini’s workshop in Melbourne in November, I decided to try out the free 10-day “Art Journal Wisdom” series on Connie’s website (dirtyfootprints-studio.com). 

And so along came my first ever art journal. 

I dared to get out paintbrushes – something I’ve been telling myself I’m too busy to do. 

I dared to be creative every day – morning and night, because it felt exciting, satisfying and fun. 

I dared to share some of the imagery that emerged – because I started to sense that every heart has its own unique art. No one else can create yours or mine. It feels purposeful to offer my own creative journeys and trust that will light up a few other people in whatever way you need right now. 

So that’s how this first journal was sparked. Thanks sis, thanks Malini, thanks Connie, thanks heart, and thank you for checking out the video. I’d love to see a link to your own art journal work, if you’re happy to post in the comments. 🙂