After seeing these layers unfold, you might get some inspiration for your own experiments.

It’s been fun.

I picked up some scraping tools at the art shop on the weekend. Zing! Play-spiritation!

For the first layer, I focussed on getting some colour and texture down with oil pastels and glued on netting from a fruit bag. The writing was a way of meditating on a theme that was on my mind. I wrote the same couple of sentences over and over again in different colours.

Next layer – black! Interesting seeing how that went on the netting. Where there was netting, the black paint often didn’t make it all the way through to the page. Cool. Let’s see what happens. I then used the metal scraping tool to make patterns. 

Then I walked away and let that dry. (Yay! I am learning from my last beige-mashup experience …)

After dinner, down went this next layer.  A palette of pink and yellow and white (mixed from primary colours only). The black paint still showed through on the netting sections. More scraping, this time with a different tool that had wider prongs …

Then I went to bed. 

In the morning, this flowed out with oil pastels.

It seemed to be a meditation on mourning the limitations of time, then being with that, and then finding that I had some space to choose how I am with the limitations of time. It was Monday morning, so I was mourning letting go of the freedom of the weekend. Reflecting on the energy of telling myself that my time was now committed to an employer for the next eight hours. I pondered how to experience that energy as more of a choice. Would it feel energising to re-frame it? 

Just because time in any given day or moment is limited, I can choose the energy I bring to that. It’s not obligatory to go faster and faster and faster to try to get it all done. I can be calm within it, choosing in the knowledge of both the limitation of time and also the mortality of all of we beings within that time making it even more precious to be present with others. Then, I was even meditating on the concept of the limitation of time being a lense through which I’ve learned to see the world. What else might be possible? Something about spaciousness and vastness beyond my own consciousness. Whoa … 

The flame effect on the right was something around finding inner safety in the uncertainty of time. 

The eye and ear on the left was about wanting to be gently aware in each present moment. Under the eye is the effect of tears falling, mourning limitations to do everything and attend to everything and everyone as much as I might want. That then flowed into a river you effect underneath – a sense of trusting the capacity of life and others beyond my own being. 
The arrows on the right started out as hands on the clock. That also flowed into a river. 

It was almost impossible to blend the oil pastels over the netting, so those colours stayed very distinct. I see it as a kind of firebox. (Warning: the netting really gulps up the oil pastels. Hey, I could see that as the perfect reason to start looking forward to my next box of replacements.)

Thanks for wandering through it with me. Does it spark any of your own ideas to play with?

I am kind of tempted to paint over the top again. On the other hand, I’m ready to leave it for now. And to savour that meditation on time, leave myself the opportunity to discover what else emerges when I flick back through sometime in the future.

Yeah, I think I’ll gift myself a fresh new page to layer up after dinner.

Would you like to share your own experiments? Please feel very welcome to comment with a link your own journal pages where you’ve played around with scraping tools or netting or other texture ideas.