Creative prompt: what textures, colours and shapes do you see on the scraps around your work? Would you like to play with including a ‘throwaway’ on your page?

On Sunday, in between laundry and shopping and paying bills, I slowly layered up this page.

I felt playful. I grabbed a ziplock bag to pipe on some thick, unpredictable colour. Then I noticed the texture and brightness left in the bag. Snip! On they went. Then more play with the remnants. Ziplock seems like a word to rebel against! Contents, date, you can never really be categorised!

Finally, last night I noticed the shape that had been made on the baking paper that I’d had beneath the page as I worked. It looked like a little caterpillar. And a bright flowery eye. On they went too.


Hard to label what this little creature is. Again, delightfully immune to labels. Truly original from moment to moment. We all are. Life is. Thinking that this morning, my chest opens and I feel a laugh bubbling up.

Play! That’s the invitation that comes up in me as I look at this page now in the morning light: Whatever the day holds. Play it away inside. Inspired to be bold and joyful. Off to work I go.