A quarter of a red oil pastel remained. I used it up here.

Perhaps it’s a savouring of focus: enjoying the vivid shades of purple and red on a tree near home, yellow sunset glittering around the edges.

Maybe it’s also something about how vast life is. Zeroing in on a few leaves for so many minutes, I feel compassion for the challenge we share of continually choosing where to rest our eyes and attention. So much is worthy! Glittering!

I’m inspired too, soothed. More accepting of the limits of one body. Called to let awareness flow more smoothly. Free to unhook and unhook and unhook – wider awareness, what’s arising now? And now?

Yes, there’s so much to sense and see.

I want gentle compassion for the constant tap tap tap, glitter glitter glitter, invitation after invitation from life to be seen and heard and tasted and inhaled and felt inside and outside of our skin.

Tenderness for presence. We can grow tired, be overwhelmed for choice. May each moment call us gently, may we grow greater and greater capacity to sense its edges, increasingly able to notice the space between the invitations from all that calls our eyes and ears and skin and mind.

What favourite colour is almost all used up in your box of crayons or pastels or pencils or paints? What meditation might it offer in your journal?