Okayyyyyyy … So I’m finding it hard to let go of the outcome and accept the process of exploring feelings. But gee it’s enjoyable to explore!

Here’s my first painting with the feeling of ‘creativity’ from Chrissy Foreman Cranitch’s gently guided lesson. Your pages looked so creamy, Chrissy! I know you wouldn’t want me to, but I was comparing mine with yours … And then, something else happened. 
Yep, I heard you: it’s the experience, connecting with all the feelings as they are. So I stayed with it.

I was delighted to find that a tissue that ended up in the centre of my page. 

I wasn’t expecting that! 

Want to know how it happened?

After painting and scraping on through my disappointment about how the page was ‘turning out’, I suddenly had a decades old memory come to me about creativity. 

One of my earliest acts of creativity was getting myself out of trouble at school by some quick thinking. In kindergarten,I had forgotten to bring something in for show and tell. I remember feeling really worried I’d be reprimanded and ashamed in front of the whole class. 

Then I had an idea! The teacher called me to the front of the class. It was my turn to have something to share.

Heart pounding, I grabbed a tissue out of my pocket and announced, ‘today I’m going to show you how I write on a tissue’. I lay the tissue against the chalkboard, took a pencil and started writing carefully, demonstrating how not to rip the tissue. LOL! 

I’m pretty sure the teacher saw right through my charade, but she played along and said, ‘that’s wonderful. Thank you for showing us. I think everyone should know how to write on a tissue’. 
So, there you go. I’m marvelling at how art play and connecting with feelings brought such unexpected inspiration and discovery.

I think I’ll call this piece ‘winging it’ and celebrate how creativity is a life skill and takes many different forms.

Ink, water, crayon, acrylic, scraping tool, paintbrushes and foam brushes.