This is my second exercise from Chrissy Foreman Cranitch’s ‘Colour With Feelings’ segment, from 21 Secrets ‘Color Color Color’.

This page was a response to restfulness.

During the guided meditation, the colour that came to me for restfulness was ‘sunlit olive’. I saw the sunlight on green scrub lining the banks of a gushing stream.

I created this bottom layer last night, listening to some peaceful music (I typed ‘rest’ into Apple Music to see what popped up). Materials were inks, water and 3D liquid paint.


Then, today I added the the top layer …

I enjoyed a long ‘arty bath’. Have you tried one of those? Basically, I run a bath and pop in some oil or salts, light a candle, grab a cuppa, maybe pop some music on and settle in with some paper and watercolour paints or pencils.

As I soak, I draw or paint, sometimes using drips of water from the bath to play with different effects. That’s how I created the top layer.

The imagery is made with Derwent Inktense pencils, oil pastels and a dash of aqua painter pen – all shades of that ‘olivey sunlight’.

The eye might be something about restful awareness: an intention to be present to all that’s alive right now, learning to be at ease with whatever comes up – inside and out.


That strand of leaves emerged after a drip ran down the page. I went with it.

I hear the gurgling stream of water and remember sensations on the back of my legs and against my open palms – the warmth of dappled sunshine as I sit on a rock and listen to the rushing currents, it’s spray on my cheeks.

The combination of the eye and the leaves might be a meditation on ‘growing restfulness’.

It comes as inspiration and encouragement. Is this a universal human experience? Wanting to be deeply connected to a place of lush, safe, warm restfulness?

Like every human on this planet I suppose, I want to grow my capacity for inner restfulness.

I sense restfulness as a safe landing place for whatever other feelings I’m having or whatever else is happening around me. Restfulness sees it all, cradles me, observes closely with gentle concern.

Not cool detachment or telling me to ‘calm down’, but warm and embracing and utterly accepting of what is being experienced now … And now … And now.