Lately, our young cat has learned to leap up to the high bench in our kitchen where I used to be able to paint.

He licks anything wet and a small amount of paint or ink or glue could be toxic to a cat. CSo, for his safety and our peace of mind, I hadn’t worked with paint or ink for quite a few weeks.

Luciky, the days are getting warmer here in Melbourne. On weekends, I can work out in the yard. It was wonderful to get out some ink at last.

In a quick early morning draw with oil pastels, this orange ‘bouquet’ burst onto the page.

Later, I headed outside and washed ink over the page with a very wet brush.

The ink had dried in the storage pots, so I sprayed them with water and found the texture was deliciously chalky to work with.

I like the way the water runs off the oil pastels, giving depth and fullness and different shades and density in different parts of the page.

I love the sheer freedom to play with colour and textures and water. Such a peaceful adventure and mental relief.