I believe what is happening here has never happened before. It is a mix of the best of humanity and the worst.

Ibrahim Abu Laith, volunteer with the White Helmets rescue team in Aleppo, The Telegraph, 17th December 2016

Have you completed yours? Management Training 101.
Remember that diagram? p. 129:

The Circle Of Influence.
It’s a perfectly rounded way

to find peace
in the face of other people’s suffering.

The logic is pure.

Why add our sorrow
to someone else’s pain?

What good is our grief
to Aleppo’s desperate lives?

do you weep anyway?

Hands up
if your Circle Of Influence
is proving to be a flimsy torniquet
for hoarse cries and sunken eyes.

White Helmets,thank you.

every ravaged rib,  scream true.

Naomi Byrnes


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Base layer, Derwent Inktense and then coated in primer. Newspaper and card, followed by two layers of acrylic paint.