To drowse in the gaze of an oiled palette, to sit
at the tip of a painter’s tongue (bitten
lightly between his concentrated lips)
is to offer the pinch of your hip
as a pillow for your own damp scalp:

watching the wasp inside your naval
tracing the tickle behind your knuckle
transcribing that twang around your thigh, and wishing
that your eyes would stop straining
to be met by his.

The sun drops dried grass
deep into your eardrum.
You muse:

you’ll all be rustled up by that rooster.
(These are the sights
that belie the lick of any brush.)

– Naomi Byrnes

Prompted by this visual meditation on SoundCloud, “Exploring Sunshine”.

This journal page emerged over a couple of days, after a visual meditation on August Renoir’s “Madame Monet & Son”.   (Available free, here on SoundCloud).


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