Dear body,

Chances are
we’ll wake tomorrow
with at least one good reason
to worry. Please

don’t fight it –
don’t push it under the pillow
or leave it grizzling in the crib. Please

invite us
to unravel these socks
to lace-up these sneakers
and walk
or jog
and talk aloud. Yes, please

give us
these wide and easy ears.
Yes, let those sentences that rumbled
half-finished beneath the pillow
be heard in full. We can

scale these mountains
that others might call molehills. We can

whatever is on our mind
and listen with all our lungs. Our ribs

will realise what’s precious. We’ll breathe
when and how we like. Please

when you stir tomorrow, let’s remember
the tree we saw
just now. Let’s remember
that our doona doesn’t know
what’s out here. And our body

only thinks
it’s lived this world already. Chances are
there will be
at least one unthinkable sight and sound
worth our getting out of bed. Remember

today we saw this:
a parrot glinting in the grass,
rain roaring in the creek,
red berries bursting against blue sky,
birds not taking turns,
calling what they will, in parallel chords. Yes,

chances are
there will be more than enough
joy tomorrow too.