Your Guided Journal

Sitting around on our last day of camping, my sister picked up one of my oil pastels and a picture out of my visual meditations art journal.

This is what she made over an hour or so:

IMG_2778.JPG My sister’s first foray into oil pastels

‘Oh wow, this feels so great,’ she marvelled. I got such a buzz out of sharing the experience of the colours and textures and layering.

She asked me where I’d encountered oil pastels. I think it was Connie Solera’s Dirty Footprints studio blogs.

Which led us to chat about Malini Parker who another of my sisters recommended and I was lucky enough to get to Malini’s workshop in Melbourne. Where I encountered her use of masking tape.

Zing! Brainwave. Let’s play with masking tape and oil pastels. Which I did – still loosely inspired by the fir trees and house in ‘Cape Cod Evening’.


I guess…

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