If I don’t conquer … will I be conquered?

It’s not a question of courage.

It takes courage to accept that clarity and confidence are human needs as well as illusions – strategies for comfort and reassurance. 

So … how to be grounded and aware? How to take conscious action towards our wisest intentions … and to als be at ease to respond with peaceful power to whatever and whoever arises?

Naming this dilemma … I am relieved. It opens my heart and lungs and I am already able to feel more power and joy flowing through me. I can face today.

Inner peace and power in our world – I want to name that both are precious. 

Does this theme feel somewhat familiar to you too?

Prompt: conquer
It seems I’m still exploring this theme:  how to be at ease with three of our coexisting human needs –  safety and autonomy and interdependence. Curious too? You might enjoy the guided art meditation available here.