Wish you were here,

after this rage

when the scales drop away

and you’ll suspect, even briefly,

that your fight

was as brute

as a dragon’s frill.

So, save some tears,

remember this now:

how a throat can be so right, it wields 

the bars that imprison; 

how eyes can be so blind, they’ll swear

on your life they see straight.



here in your palm: 

this souvineered coaster, 

postmarked with pleasures:

skin rubbed, water splashed

laughs whispered

from lips 

of unforced affection.

Remember now,

as soon as you’re gripped:

to bring your bristling bones

to warm rock

to water, soft grass and sun.


We share these pathways

and yet

only me

only you

can step the stones.


Only me

only you 

can lick–


our own gut-howl for safety:

yes, so ferocious

yes, so loyal

yes, so real.

No envelope. 

I’ll make this truth as naked

as a body lets:

as certain as fury, so it is true

that only I 

and only you–

full again of milk, cloaked again in fur–

will allow

our heart to be held 


in the silk

of love’s three-lidded eye. 

– Naomi Byrnes

Prompt: jolt